Plants are the Gulp of Environment. Plants play An important Role in our Life They Give us Oxygen and Clean the environment from harmful Toxic that Spread from Factories (Smoke, harmful chemicals) City Traffic Also Spread that type of Pollution so Our Atmosphere specially City Atmosphere is very harmful for us because we are in that environment where plants are in very small ratio than people and oxygen is essential each and every second.

How many Plants you were grown from your birth!

Let me explain from the Birth, we start Breathing and breath until now and oxygen our essential need in future for every second. This is the main point of my discussion, can you think About yourselves How many Plants you were grown from your birth If your answer is less than 10 and your age is above 20years then you are in big loss, and we can say that you are the reason For Global warming.

This is not a necessary condition, whether only governance has the authority to grow plants. Governance can do nothing without the support of us. You and I are responsible for environmental pollution somewhere we can do nothing somewhere we want to do nothing, let me take an example, sometimes I asked about plants to my friends and I asked same question how many plants you grow from your birth and their answer is zero and in rare cases one or two. When I asked what is the reason their answers are they have no time, no place in their homes for plants and they have no money for plants. This is the worse condition for humanity.

Problems More Plants Less

Without food we can live 3 weeks and without water we can live 3 days, but without oxygen we can live 3 minutes approximately. According to WHO 70 Lakh people died last year because of air pollution. There are three problems in the air.

  • Carbon and Dust Particles
  • Toxic gases
  • Low Oxygen

Carbon and Dust Particles are the reason of cough, problems in the respiratory system. And we have the attention and also have much awareness about dust and carbon.

Need of Oxygen And The Role of Plants

The Lake of oxygen is the major problem, especially in urban areas and we have less attention on this problem. Needs of One Person oxygen are 550 liters per day approximately. And 550 liter pure oxygen required 11,000 liter air that has minimum 19.5 percent pure oxygen. The World population is approximately 7.7 billion and each person consumes 11,000 liter air daily (24 hours). Each person inhales 20 percent pure oxygen and exhale 15 percent oxygen. 5Percent Breathed Oxygen consumed and is converted into carbon dioxide while breathing. In the side of urban areas 1 liter petrol or diesels consume/waste 10,000 liter air. So the ratio of air consumed by the vehicle is more than the ratio of peoples.

If the oxygen level is less, then we feel no energetic and it is usually happens in urban areas. Some body parts do not work properly if the oxygen level decreases from the air at 10 percent oxygen level mind do not work and at 6 percent men can dead. Lake of oxygen also the one purpose of cancer because normal body cell needs oxygen and cancer cell no need oxygen. So today‚Äôs big problem is how to maintain the level of oxygen. One method is live in forests… but we cannot do this.

Every person should grow 10 to 20 plants

Think and do something about the production of oxygen. Grow plants at the home front side, backside, or on the roof grows direct in the earth or in the pots. My suggestion is every person should grow minimum 10 to 20 plants.

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