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Leaf problems

Yellow leaves on birch trees
The birch is a large deciduous tree that can reach, depending on the variety, up to thirty meters in height. It is characterized mainly by its triangular-shaped light green leaves Read more
bay tree leaves turning brown
Bay trees, also known as Laurus nobilis, are evergreen shrubs or trees that are native to the Mediterranean region. They are commonly grown for their aromatic leaves, which are used Read more
Yellow leaves bay tree
The Bay tree, also known as the Laurus nobilis, is a popular evergreen plant that is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate a Read more
Alocasia leaves turning yellow
Alocasia or also known as elephant ear plant is native to the tropical areas of Asia. Being used to growing under the shade of other plants makes this plant an Read more
Desert rose leaves turning yellow
Adenium or popularly known as Desert Rose, is a shrub with very beautiful pink, white or red flowers. Although the main attraction of these plants are their flowers, their oval-shaped Read more