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Do led lights help plants grow?

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I am not going to go around a lot or fill you with content before answering the question that gives the title to this post, yes, plants can grow under LED light. It does NOT make sense to go around and around since this is something that has been known since the 80s, that is, it is not a secret.


Since NASA began experimenting with LEDs to grow plants in the 1980s, we have known about the effects of this type of light on plants. But not only that, but it was also identified how the different spectrums of light have highly varied effects on plants. Among these spectrums, some help vegetative growth, while others increase the yield of fruit and flower crops. Let’s see below how this relationship between light spectrums, LED lights and plants works.

1. What is a grow light spectrum?


The energy emitted by the sun is in the form of radiation. Thanks to the existence of the ozone layer, which works as a great filter, it allows only wavelengths between the ranges of 300-1100 nm to reach the earth. That light that reaches the earth and therefore the plants is known as the light spectrum, visible spectrum or color spectrum. This spectrum is made up of a band of many colors, including red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

You will be able to understand that not any spectrum of light will be ideal for your plants, each spectrum will work in one way or another. For your plants you will have to look for lighting systems with light spectrums that suit their needs. As well as what you want from these plants. It will not be the same if they are merely decorative plants than if they are garden plants of which you want to have a certain production.

If away from home you have an outdoor wall wash lighting, which decorates very well, you will not expect these lights to have the ideal light spectruundergroum for the plants they are illuminating. There are LED lights that are specially designed to allow your plants to grow.

2. Do LED lights help plants grow?


I already did a lot of spoilers before getting to this section and answered this question directly and indirectly. Yes, plants can grow under LED lights, and there are a few reasons why choosing LED lights is a good option.

LED light is capable of providing the right amount of light energy that plants need to grow and can be adjusted to provide the right amount and spectrum of light for different types of plants and growth stages.

As a general rule, blue LEDs are better for flowering, while red-orange LEDs are better for vegetative growth. Knowing this, if you are looking to get your indoor plants to flourish, you should use LED lights with a bluer spectrum. And if, on the contrary, your plants are in a stage that needs more vegetative growth, what you should provide with LED light is a more red-orange spectrum.

It has several advantages over other light sources, such as sodium vapor lamps or fluorescent tubes. First, LED light emits less heat than other light sources, which means it is more energy efficient and can be placed closer to plants without causing heat damage. Additionally, LED light is easier to control and adjust as it can be configured to provide the exact spectrum of light that plants need for optimal growth.

These advantages make LED light currently the No. 1 on the market, with thousands of products for your home. Not only for growing plants but above all for decoration, with little money you can make your garden look spectacular by placing some underground light, linear uplight, spotlights for trees, inground lights, etc. I invite you to delve deeper into the world of LED light, you will see that you will love it.

3. In conclusion


Finishing this post, and although it seems very repetitive, I can assure you that, yes, LED lights can be an excellent option for growing plants indoors. Although they have lower heat output and lower power consumption compared to other light sources, they also have a wide range of light spectrums that can be customized to meet the specific growing needs of each plant.

On the other hand, they are also affordable and durable in the long run, making them a popular choice for gardeners and indoor plant growers. However, never forget to keep in mind that not all LED lights are created equal and options should be carefully researched to ensure that the right lights are selected for the type of plants you wish to grow.

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